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Product Development Case Studies

Genesys projects span every industry ranging from highly regulated mission critical products for medical, defence, aerospace and explosive gas environments, through to industrial systems and consumer devices.

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Radiation dosimeter

Preventing acute skin and tissue damage from radiation therapy is the goal of this advanced dosimetry system, through delivering more accurate and timely results.

Cervical cancer screening

Helping prevent 300,000 deaths annually from cervical cancer through real-time detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous cells. This handheld system uses AI technology. 

Contrast media injection for CT scans

The Salient is a system for controlling injection of contrast media such as radio-opaque dye for patients undergoing CT examinations. It is cordless and compact, with a user friendly touch screen interface.

Permanence - white background_edited.jpg

Electrolysis hair removal 

The Permanence is a system for applying current to hair follicles and permanently kill them. The control system allows for operation of 16 probes simultaneously, treating 200 hairs per hour.

Wheel Square 2.png

Smart wheels for wheelchairs

These self-powered wheels from Concourse deliver the best of manual and electric wheelchairs,  increasing the range of terrain users can traverse while maintaining a lightweight and compact form.

Age Progression Cartoon.png

Gait analysis monitor

Following neuro/spinal surgery, this device from WAGAR analyses the gait of recovering patients and, incorporating data fusion from multiple sensors, provide warning of complications requiring follow up interventions.


Industrial / Commercial

Drone lookout module

Powered  by sophisticated electronics to enable autonomous operation, Swoop Aero's Kite drone is revolutionising end-to-end logistics, coastal surveillance, disaster mapping and delivery of medical supplies to remote areas.

Chamberlain Square (1).png

Smart operator for roller shutters

The eDrive +2.0 Operator from Chamberlain is a smart operator for roller doors and grills designed for increasingly sophisticated building ecosystems, with smart electronics to manage system behaviours.

ATF Square GIF.gif

Intelligent Motion Sensor

This motion detector from ATF Services, providing security for construction sites with wireless communication to a site security centre, can run off 4 x AA batteries for up to a year.



Complexion - primary - square_edited.jpg

Cosmetics skin colour matching


The CompleXion skin tone matching from Digispectro enables suppliers to accurately match cosmetics to customers' skin by capturing the true colour of the skin in all lighting conditions using a spectrophotometer.


Smart power and lights for home automation

This home automation startup has developed the perfect smart power and light switches packed with features such as voice control, geo-location, temperature and humidity sensors, USB ports, dimmable lights and more. 

Silver - transparent_edited.jpg

Air purifier and sanitiser

The Tasman from VBreathe takes a  novel and environmentally friendly approach to air purification and detoxification. The device vaporises an active natural gel that encapsulates and suffocates pathogens. 

Golf Wheel on Grass.png

Smart wheels for golf buggies

These self-powered wheels from Concourse Golf fit to any conventional golf buggy. They are designed to track straight even on undulating terrain and have enough power for 27 holes with a 4 hour recharge time.

Tzukuri Square GIF.gif

Unlosable glasses

Glasses with a built-in, miniaturised Bluetooth beacon that notifies the owner via a smart phone app if they have left their glasses behind. The glasses are charged via contacts in the end of the arm. 

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