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Doctor Operating CT Scanner

CT injection system


Bayer (formerly Imaxeon)


MedTech - ISO 13485


Regulatory Compliance

CT scans, also known as computed tomography, play a pivotal role in modern medicine due to their unparalleled ability to provide detailed cross-sectional images of the body. They offer lifesaving benefits such as the early detection and diagnosis of cancers, cardiovascular issues and internal injuries. The administration of a medium, such as iodine or barium-based agents, is crucial to enhancing differentiation between tissues, blood vessels, and abnormalities in imaging. However, media administration is a complicated process requiring specialised knowledge and skills.

Bayer Primary v3 - transparent backgroun

The Bayer family of CT Injection Systems developed by Imaxeon and Bayer are best in class, designed to make media administrators' task easier with a highly intuitive workflow. The MEDRAD Salient (pictured above) is a key example. It is available as a single head or dual head system, with a user-friendly interface for creating customised protocols with up to six phases. The product consists of the main head unit with a remote control for easy and safe operation from the CT facility control room, with the control system enabling incremental injection of 1mL volumes and flow rates from 0.1mL/sec up to 10mL/sec. In addition, large battery packs (see below) are included in the base of the stand to run the system. The user can review the previous 40 injections and up to 200 previous injection profiles.

Battery - transparent_edited.png

Genesys began working with the Imaxeon team as early as 2005 when it was commissioned to support the commercialisation of the Avidia Angiographic Contrast Injector. The relationship has continued right through to the present day with the development of the Stellinity, Salient and Centargo models, along with ongoing product maintenance. 


The scope of work across this time has included PCBA development, EMC testing, embedded software support and module development, graphical user interface implementation including increasingly larger touch screens, communication systems including messaging between system elements in multiple languages and a message database. Interface modules have been developed for integration with medical diagnostic scanners.

A key feature of the work has been development of battery management systems and continual upgrades as battery technology has evolved and the power requirements of successive models has increased. For example, Genesys was engaged on a project to improve the battery pack shelf-time for the Centargo.

Manufacturing vignetted.png

Throughout our relationship, Imaxeon/Bayer has engaged Genesys to address specific features and challenges as the product family has evolved. For example, Genesys developed an air detection system for gross air at low pressure and smaller bubbles during injection when pressure can be up to 300psi. This involved development of a test rig to generate bubbles of various sizes and frequency.

Mick Brooks, R&D Manager at Imaxeon (now Bayer) said: "We have used Genesys for electronics design and development support for over 10 years. I am impressed with the expertise and service they provide, especially their rigor around electromagnetic compatibility.

"I would be happy to recommend Genesys Electronics Design to anyone looking for a partner to help with design and development of medical device electronics."

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