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Accelerate your wireless wearable 

A Bluetooth sensing device looks simple on the surface but if you know how difficult it is to select exactly the right components, to minimise the footprint and power consumption, debug software and deal with the trade-offs between miniaturisation and functionality, then you will be excited to explore the
Genesys Wireless Wearable Sensor (WWS) platform.


  • What it is: The WWS is a small battery-powered Bluetooth connected platform for logging sensor data and wirelessly egressing it to a companion mobile App.

  • We make it easy: The WWS provides all the "under-the-hood" hardware and software enablers while making it easy to add your specific or custom sensors to the common/standard in-built ones we provide.  This allows you to focus on your end user requirements.

  • We accelerate your time to market: Our modular approach and re-use of firmware modules dramatically reduces the cost and timeframe of delivery, while increasing reliability and reducing technical risks.

A medically compliant version is available for accelerated pathway to regulatory compliance

Want to quickly develop your custom wearable the easy way?


Compact and versatile

WWS Exploded - Render - Landscape - HiRes.png
WWS - Watch Bedside.tif
Arm band sensor - brighter.jpg
Helmet Sensor.png

The Genesys WWS platform is a highly featured device to cater for most use cases, including:

A standardised baseboard with all the core support features for your product (see below) packed onto a small footprint including:

  • Commonly used sensors such as accelerometer and temperature (see the technical specification for full list)

  • Microcontroller for gathering sensor data and streaming to a mobile app via BLE

  • Battery management with options for both primary and rechargeable coin cells

  • On board memory for data logging and device configuration

A customisable plug-on board system has been designed to easily add any other sensors needed for your device. Select from a wide range of standard sensors or incorporate your unique custom sensor.

Dimensions: The standard Maxi version is 32mm in diameter and 14mm thick.  A stripped down Mini version, as small as 16mm x 5.2mm is available on request.

Customisable lid and base: It includes a top/bottom snap-fit lid with O-Ring seal for manufacturing. The lid may be customised to accommodate any custom sensing requirement (see below). The base may also be adapted to suit whatever attachment requirements your application requires, including an adhesive backing.

WWSnM exploded explainer


The WWS includes the following:


Embedded Microcontroller

The low-cost, low-energy but powerful nRF52 is used to run your application, as well as the supporting functions. 

Bluetooth and Communication

The nRF52 comes with Bluetooth 5.2 with enough power and range to suit most applications. It also has other wireless communication options and USB.


The WWS comes out of the box with all the software for running the microcontroller peripherals for interfacing with system devices.



An SPI flash and an EEPROM with EUI-64 identifier are included for unique device identification, parameter storage and data logging.

In-built Sensors

In-built common sensors are included on the baseboard to facilitate the key features and functions of most wearables.

Sensor Expansion Capability

The baseboard includes board-to-board connectors to add a custom sensor board. UART, I2C and SPI are used for connecting to sensors and peripherals on the sensor board.

Mobile App Integration

The Genesys Companion Mobile App (see below) provides over-the-air updates, wireless debugging and more.


The low-power platform can be used with both rechargeable and primary coin cells, and includes a battery fuel gauge.

GP5000 diagram with transparent background.png
General Model Sensor - transparent background.png
Download the full technical specification
WWSnM Characteristics

Add your own sensors

You can add your own sensors on a custom PCB inside the enclosure, or via a connector. 

The top and bottom covers of the standard Maxi version enclosure can be customised for different sensor and attachment options. 

Interface (lid) options can include those that are: 

  • Optically transmissive (cameras, IR etc)

  • Gas or chemically porous (CO2, pH etc)

  • Acoustically transmissive (microphone, piezo etc)

  • Electrically conductive (conductivity etc)

  • Force transmissive (pressure etc)

  • Thermally conductive (temperature etc)


Sensors can also be embedded in the lids including photovoltaics, load cells, touch, electrodes and more.

PPT of Section with Captions - PNG.png

Download the technical specification for more interface detail and standard sensor options.

WWSnM Add your own sensors
WWSnM Companion App

Companion Mobile App

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Acc graphic.png

The trend is away from embedded display on devices toward the use of mobile apps to display data. While you can develop your own mobile application (App) , consider using the Genesys Companion Mobile App which is fully integrated with the Wireless Wearable Sensor. Key features include:

  • Reliable connection: Connection management for reliable data streaming with automatic retries, timeouts, CRC, and packet tracking.

  • Sensor parameter management: Easily manage your device’s operation with configuration tools in App.

  • Graphical data display: Your choice of tabular and graphic data widgets with a customisable dashboard.

  • Cross platform: Supports both IOS and Android via React Native, with UI components that run on both platforms.

  • Cybersecurity: Compatible with regulatory requirements in all major jurisdictions. 


  • User interface: Choose from a selection of standard wireframes with in-built navigation to quickly customise your user interface.

  • Branding: Quickly skin the App in your corporate colours and other branding elements.

  • User management: User account management facilities and password protection, with different access privileges and interfaces for end users, administrators and technicians/developers.

  • Product and development support: Over-the-air updates, BLE streaming debugs, command line input to device from App, logging of software events, file system access, manual file transfer and more.

To learn more about the Companion App contact us for a page-by-page walk-through demonstration.

If you want to develop a fully customised App, learn more about the Genesys Template Mobile App.

Want to quickly develop your custom wearable the easy way?
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