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What we do

Electronics engineering is at the heart of what we do. Our services encompass four key capabilities:


From conceptualisation and roadmapping to system architecture and compliance, a smart product starts with smart design


Our modular stack takes hardware development to the new level of cost-effectiveness and reliability


Using the gold standard of coding languages, Misra C, we build your application on top of our proven library of firmware modules


Our design for manufacture approach leverages our strategic partnerships with electronics manufacturers to deliver the lowest possible unit costs

Putting the smarts into
your design strategy

It’s not enough to have a smart product. You need to be smart about your design strategy. Being strategic means considering four things:

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We conduct standards analysis early to identify the implications for product design and eliminate compliance problems occurring late in the development process. Our rigorous verification and validation processes ensure essential performance and regulatory compliance.

Drawing on our extensive experience in commercialising products for global distribution, we add value to your concept by identifying features that increase the competitive positioning of your product. 

We develop data models that vertically integrate systems and subsystems. The meaning of data is understood consistently at every layer, driving interoperability and superior reliability using proven hardware and software modules. This integration helps unify everything from sensor selection to data visualisation via an app or web browser. 

We deliver a smart approach to delivering prototypes, minimum viable product and beyond, by focusing on an architecture that maximises feature sets early on and minimises the cost of adding more later on.

Strategic Design

Delivering hardware designs that work the first time

Genesys undertakes electronics hardware design at the detailed circuit level, delivering schematics for printed circuit boards that work the first time, with no need for Rev B or Rev C .... to get your device working.  Our particular expertise includes:

  • Modular design: For all designs, we leverage the Genesys IoT GENome - our extensive and proven library of hardware modules to deliver core processing, sensing, control and communication functionality common to many devices.

  • Future-proofing: We aim to future proof product designs by using a Modular Stack approach, isolating features identified in your Product Roadmap as likely to change, or where multiple versions are required. Changes can arise from rapidly evolving technologies, the regulatory requirements of countries targeted, market segmentation and product evolution.

  • Electromagnetic compatibility: We internally test for compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standards before any prototypes go to independent verification test labs. 

  • Smart component selection: Working with our trusted manufacturing partner, we specify reliable, cost-effective components and minimise the chance of components reaching end-of-life during the lifetime of the product. 


Firmware that just works

Genesys develops firmware and software for platforms ranging from simple embedded microcontrollers, through to embedded Linux/RTOS systems, VxWorks, ECOS, Windows CE and PCs, Apple/Android Apps and smart homes, and web-enabled platforms.

  • Modular design: Our strategic approach extends to coding, where we have an extensive and proven library of software modules supporting our hardware modules. These modules are also part of the Genesys IoT GENome.

  • MISRA-C quality: We use MISRA-C, the gold standard in programming for microprocessors.  We have developed a highly structured architectural approach which partitions code into low-level drivers and hardware-independent middleware and application modules. The interoperability and reusability of modules that "just work" drives the quality and reliability of our software.


  • VHDL development: Genesys offers VHDL design services. We can integrate third-party cores and modules or undertake a complete logic design. We have developed systems from small CPLDs through to large FPGAs (millions of gates) with clock speeds beyond 100MHz. 

Computer Programming

For more information, view our Software Development services.

Firmware development

Streamlined manufacturing

Genesys plays a critical role in the manufacture of prototypes and the final product, liaising with the electronics manufacturer, packaging and sterilisation service providers and the final assembly team. Our role relates to:   

  • Design for manufacture: We optimise circuit designs and board layout for manufacturing.​  

  • Design transfer: We deliver a Manufacturing Data Pack for electronics, programming and mechanical elements.

  • Test System and Jigs: We design and develop efficient PCBA test systems and bed of nails Production Test Jigs 

  • Production management: We manage your parts sourcing, inventory management, obsolescence forecasting, and redesigns.

For more information visit our Manufacturing Logistics page.

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Manufacturing Management
Not familiar with the electronics design and manufacturing process? We can explain it over the phone in 30 minutes.
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