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Setting the standard for
reliability in Mobile Apps

You know how Mobile Apps for connecting to devices are notorious for their bugginess and unreliable connectivity? Well, we have developed a fully software-engineered
Template Mobile App (TMA) that delivers all the reliability you need for a high reliability App.

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  1. What we do: We develop reliable Apps optimised for integration with electronic devices, delivering the user interface, application logic and all the support facilities.

  2. We accelerate it: By building your App on top of our template, all of the under-the-hood facilities around navigation, user management, gathering device data, graphical data display, cybersecurity and data integrity come out-of-the box.

  3. We smooth the pathway to commercialisation: By using our modularised software and templates developed under design controls and addressing issues of using an uncontrolled mobile device platform, we make your pathway to a reliable commercial product much easier. 

Want to accelerate your path to commercial launch? 

App - core facilties

Core facilities

The TMA comes with all the facilities you need, saving time and money developing these from scratch.

Core facilities include:

  • Navigation Menu: The template comes with standard navigation features, including drop down menu and universal navigation links on every page.

  • Help Menu: Developers can customise a help menu to provide users instructions.

  • User profiles: Define different classes of users and show them different menu options. 

  • Account management and user authentication: Set logon passwords for each user and assign rights and privileges.

  • Settings: Configure the App itself to determine what pages users see, adjust the formatting and layout, adjust notifications, configuring backups etc.

  • Branding: Easily change the colour scheme and add your logo.

App - data visualisation
Acc graphic.png

Data visualisation

We understand that mobile Apps need to look slick but it shouldn't be hard to convert sensor data into great visualisations. We've worked hard to make this job easy including:

  • Self-describing data models: We manage data in a format that allows platforms to instantly understand what the content they are displaying is. This means your data can be easily displayed on an embedded display, your mobile App or cloud website. 

  • Graphical display widgets: The TMA comes with widgets for displaying data in a line chart, bar chart or tabular format. Other formats can be easily developed on request. 

  • Dashboards: Dashboards integrating data from multiple sources are easily constructed in your App. 

  • Display configuration: Easily adjust the data displays by adjusting settings on the display user interface.

Our value add services

Seamless Device / App / Cloud Integration

High reliability is about delivering the data accurately. Key features supporting data integrity in the TMA are: 

  • Device configuration and parameter management: Developers or users can manage their device through defined parameters that can be configured via the App and downloaded to the device firmware. 

  • File management: The App includes file transfer facilities and provides direct access to, and integration with, the mobile's OS file system. 

  • Connection management: The App facilitates continual automatic retries and timeouts to ensure a stable connection to the device is maintained.

  • Cross Platform: No matter what environment your device is deployed in, the Template App will work. It was developed in React Native, which allows one App to be deployed across multiple platforms including iOS and Android. 

  • Cloud Connectivity: Seamlessly connect the App to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or other cloud servers for data uploads, enterprise connection, backups, pushing of device updates and more.

Built-in reliability

Genesys core differentiator and value proposition in our Apps is the reliability that arises from a properly software engineered approach. We deliver reliability in a number of ways:

  • SOUP wrapping: Genesys Apps place what we call a "SOUP wrapper" layer around all operating system calls. SOUP is Software of Uknown Provenence and refers to the uncontrolled nature of the mobile device platforms that the App runs on. The SOUP wrapper facilitates proper sanity checking and error handling. It also provides a structured method for software unit testing and arguments boundary tests which is needed for proper verification of high reliability software.

  • Software verification: Genesys employs a modularised approach to software development with all modules developed under strict design controls. Software modules are defined and testing at the software unit level with rigorous unit and integration testing. We employ a variety of quality control techniques including regression testing, systematic review processes, risk analysis, configuration control, in-line commenting, and more. 

  • Privacy and cybersecurity: We include all the security features you and regulators would expect including user authentication with safe password storage, two factor authentication, use of secure communication transport protocols, data encryption of data transfer, and we cover all vulnerabilities including password protection on streaming debugs between mobile phone and embedded device.




One of the key elements of high reliability is the progressive elimination of bugs out of the system to provide assurance of data integrity.  Key features supporting high reliability in the TMA are: 

  • Debugs: The App facilitates command line inputs to the device and streaming device debugs.

  • Event logging: Software events are logged and saved in the App file system and a crash reporting system ensures alerts are issued.

  • Cyclic Redundancy Checking (CRC): This error detection technique underpins our data integrity approach, ensuring that data has been received without any errors.

  • Packet tracking: This technique tracks individual data packets during transmission, ensuring that packets are in the correct sequence when used at the destination.

  • Time synchronisation: We ensure that the clocks of all elements in the system are synchronised to a common time standard, supporting coordination, correct order of data processing, accurate event logging, time stamping of data, time-based security features, de-bugging and much more.

  • Heartbeat monitoring: The App continually pings the device to ensure it is still functioning correctly and issues alerts of any issues.

  • OTA updates: The App can facilitate Over-The-Air updates of device firmware as well as being updated itself. 

  • Application monitoring: We employ the Sentry platform for gathering errors to monitor and ensure stability and performance in the deployed App.

Quality compliance features

Where Apps are used as an integral part of a system includes quality management system or some other form of regulatory oversight, it is often required to have additional features to support enterprise systems, including: 

  • Record generation: The Template App was built the App from the ground up with record keeping in mind. We provide data logging, timestamping and other features required to support accurate and verifiable records of the App's operation and the data flowing through it.

  • Design and development documentation: Sometimes manufacturers need to prove the equipment they are using is safe to use. Genesys has kept documentation of the design and development process of the App to a medical device standard and this can be used or adapted for most other applications.

Financial Data

Case Studies

Following are some case studies of Apps we have developed: 

Electrogenics is a start-up commercialising an innovative radiation dosimeter technology to more accurately and quickly measure the dose patients receive during radiotherapy. Genesy has developed the electronics, software and app for the project. System elements include a disposable adhesive radiation detector, a Bluetooth linked hub for capturing and transmitting the dose data and an app for reading and displaying the data. 

​Following are examples of pages in the MOSkin App developed using the Genesys Template App.

Group 39.png
Body image.png
Group 37.png

Smart Auction Display System 

Delivering clarity and reducing stress for bidders was the motivation behind this electronic sign that displays the current bid and bidder number, operated via an iPhone app.

Powerbid home screen.png
Powerbid Bidding screen.png
For a page-by-page walk through of the Template Mobile App, showing all the details, contact us for a free demonstration
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