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Our Contribution to the MedTech Innovation Ecosystem

Genesys organises and sponsors the NSW Active MedTech Community. The purpose of this community is saving and improving lives by making it easier to develop medical devices with electronics and software. 

Medical devices involving software or electronics are defined as "active", attracting far more regulatory attention than inert medical devices and is a more complicated technical development landscape. It is impossible for MedTech innovators to become expert in all the disciplines required to take their idea from concept to a successful commercial launch. Entrepreneurs usually outsource non-core functions to expert service providers.

Electronics design and software development are just two of the many skill sets required. Genesys has mapped the ecosystem of service providers to the MedTech community and identified over 40 distinct categories. 


Genesys recognises it is not enough for MedTech service providers to excel at what they do. We need to better support entrepreneurs in their dealings by understanding and catering for the critical success factors in other service provision categories.   

The NSW Active MedTech Community aims to highlight these critical success factors through an educational program of webinars and other activities. 

Networking event low res.jpg

A meeting of the NSW Active MedTech community in Barangaroo NSW

For more information visit the community at Consider joining the community, free of charge, and participating in its activities.

Want to know more about how Gensys supports this community?
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