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What we do

Manufacturing Logistics underpins our other core services to ensure excellence over the whole product life. Our four key capabilities are:


We optimise circuit designs and board layout for manufacturing


We deliver a Manufacturing Data Pack for electronics, programming and mechanical elements

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We design and develop efficient PCBA test systems and bed of nails Production Test Jigs 


We manage your parts sourcing, inventory management, obsolescence forecasting, and redesigns

Design for manufacturing

We work with the electronics manufacturer to optimise the design of PCBAs for manufacturing. Key elements of our approach include:

  • Component selection: We minimise the Bill of Materials cost and maximise the life of the product by skilled component selection. Factors include designing for parts availability, substitution flexibility, end-of-life risk assessment.

  • Layout design: We minimise manufacturing costs by ensuring adequate clearances for easy part placement and soldering, clear labelling, placing heavy components on one side, aim for full SMT where possible, laying out tracks to minimise noise and maximise manufacturing yield and more.

  • Design for automated testing: We design the product with self-testing and place test points at optimal locations to facilitate automated testing (see our Test Systems page).

Design for Manufacture

Design transfer

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We deliver a Manufacturing Data Pack for all electronics, programming and mechanical elements in products we design. Key deliverables include:

  • Bill of Materials: Poorly managed BOMs are a key source of error in manufacturing and Genesys Manufacturing Packs are considered the gold standard for ensuring clear communication of requirements. For example, the BOM must be properly controlled with revision numbers to ensure that out of date information is not used in current production. Each part must be properly described, including the name of the manufacturer and part number, so that there is no misinterpretation of the relevant part.

  • Gerber Files and Manufacturing Specifications: To ensure smooth fabrication of PCBs, the Gerber files need to have comprehensive manufacturing instructions, defined trace width and spacing, as well a clearly specified PCB layer stack as well as many more details required to get the exact product you need for trouble free assembly of the final PBCA.

  • Pick and place coordinate files: We provide all the information required to set up a production run with the manufacturer's SMT assembly equipment.

  • Programming: We provide a package of all firmware and instructions for programming.

Design Transfer

Production test systems and jigs

Efficient test systems and jigs can deliver as many savings as optimised designs. The following service are all aimed at minimising the unit testing cost. 

  • Design for testability: The design of test systems and jigs starts with Design for Manufacturing above, ensuring probe points are placed in the right positions.

  • Test fixture requirements: Text fixtures are projects in their own right, with development of requirements, development and verification. At this stage we determine what type of test fixture will best align with the volume of your initial and long-term production.


  • Nailbed development: Where a nailbed test jig is required, we design the nailbed and associated test electronics, typically with a custom PCBA. 

  • Test software: We develop all software / firmware required to operate the system for both the PCBA and a connected PC.

  • Assembly, verification and validation: We assemble the test jig and ensure it is working as expected.

  • Traceability: We provide methods for logging all tests and providing traceability back to design inputs for products where regulatory requirements demand that.

  • Test Jig Maintenance and calibration: We implement a maintenance program to ensure the test jig is always performing as required.

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For more information, view our Test Systems and Jigs services page.

Test Systems and Jigs

Production management

Production management begins during the design and development phase of your product and extends throughout its entire life cycle. The people best placed to deliver the technical aspects of your production management are the people who designed it. Following are the services we offer:

  • Manufacturer selection: Identifying the right manufacturing partner(s) is an exercise in determining the right skills, capabilities and cultural alignments. 

  • Assembly instructions: Detailed PCBA and final product assembly instructions are developed.

  • Verification and validation: We audit the manufacturer against approved assembly instructions and processes set out. 

  • Production planning: In conjunction with your demand forecasting, we research and obtain the best value quotes for parts in time for smooth production outputs. We work closely with the electronics manufacturer, providing engineering support to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

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  • Continuous improvement: We specify and analyse production test results to determine opportunities to improve yield and other key metrics.

  • Obsolescence management: We scan the market horizons for warning of components becoming hard to find, lead times blowing out or going end-of-life. We then select and verify alternatives. 

  • Design maintenance: Products occasionally need design updates to address minor requirement changes or to accommodate a major obsolescence challenge. 


For more information, see our Production Management web page.

Production Management
Not sure about how to go about your manufacturing logistics? Contact us to discuss the best mix in-house management and outsourcing of services.
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