Every smart electronics project is different - from different communication protocols to different RF bands. To deal with every conceivable electronics project the right design and test equipment is needed. As one of the largest design houses in Australia, Genesys boasts the best selection of equipment and the skill to use them effectively. 

  • Analytical tools are used in the design process for design verification. Equipment for capability includes:

    • high-end spectrum analysers

    • digital storage oscilloscopes

    • mixed-signal oscilloscopes

    • digital multi-meters

    • network analysers

    • protocol analysers

    • medical safety test equipment

    • mains power emulators & analysers

    • function/signal generators

    • data acquisition tools

    • power supplies

  • Genesys conducts in-house pre-compliance testing for electromagnetic emissions, susceptibility, as well as conducted emissions.

    Equipment for this function include:

    • Spectrum Analyser (9kHz-6GHz)

    • Near-field probes

    • LISN - Line Impedance Stabilization Network

    • Antennas and beacons

    • ESD Gun.

  • Software is integral to the design process. Following are the key systems in use:

    • The primary CAD tool is Altium Designer. 

    • 3D modelling uses SolidWorks in conjunction with Altium Designer.

    • Script engines such as Python

    • PC Lint is used for reviewing code for Misra C

    • Atlassian's JIRA is used for issues tracking

    • In system programmers and emulators are used for full testing of microcontrollers.

  • Prototyping equipment is used to speed up the process of taking an electronic design to proof of concept.

    Equipment for this function include:

    • digital inspection microscopes up to 40x zoom

    • thermal chamber for testing from -10C to +60C 

    • soldering and rework tools including lead-free

    • SMD solder reflow station. 

    • laser cutter

    • 3D printer

    • 3 phase power testing

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