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Commercial roller doors found in factories and warehouses are big, heavy and powerful items of equipment. They are often the largest moving object in a facility and their operation needs to be carefully managed to ensure safety. In addition, modern industrial facilities have an increasingly complex set of requirements for door behaviour, including access control, remote operation and integration into a building ecosystem.

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Chamberlain Group dominates the commercial garage door market in Australia, including roller shutters, grills and winches for a variety of applications. The eDrive +2.0 is an operator with an intelligent logic system and robust safety features, including an absolute position encoder for reliable door positioning and instant disconnection when a manual hand chain is engaged.

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Genesys designed the logic board for the eDrive +2.0 with the primary function of operating the forward and reverse operation of the doors, including open and closing limits and obstruction safety sensor monitoring.  A secondary control unit monitors the primary microcontroller to ensure fail-safe operation and detect any safety issues such as power failure, stuck contactor, or a stop button being pressed. Key features include monitoring of three-phase current, management of infrared beams, mechanical bump switches for safety, and 430MHz wireless links to a door controller.

Another aspect of the product that required careful attention was the management of the high-voltage aspects of the device. The eDrive +2.0 draws up to 6 amps for the single-phase (240V) models and up to 2.5 amps for the 3 phase (415V) models. Managing high voltage systems such as this comes with a higher regulatory burden and related safety standards that must be met. The rigorous design process ensured that voltage isolation measures, such as setting adequate PCB creepage and clearance, and specifying wiring insulation rates, among other measures, were properly implemented. To ensure all designs are compliant they were inspected and approved by an accredited independent test laboratory.

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Expansion board

In addition to the main control board, Genesys developed an expansion board containing additional functionality not available in the core product. Extra features include, for example, additional switching circuits such as lights and sirens when the roller doors are moving, and auto closing doors after entry for use in carparks.

Genesys also designed a test jig for integration into the manufacturing process. The test jig automates the circuit board assembly’s firmware programming, electrical testing and functional testing.

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