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Smart power and light switches





Regulatory Compliance

With smart home technology becoming more commonplace and with global behemoths such as Apple, Google and Amazon dominating the field, a start-up based in Sydney, Australia knew it had to do something special to stand out. iKEON envisaged devices that were both smarter and aesthetically superior to the standard fittings endemic in the domestic market. The devices would have virtually every smart feature conceivable and be capable of integration into smart homes. The result is the iKEON range of smart light switches and power outlets. Features include voice control, customisable illumination ring and indicator colours, geo-location driven automation, inbuilt temperature and humidity sensors, USB ports, dimmable lights and more. 


The electronics controlling the wall-mounted devices had to be fitted into a highly constrained space to fit into the slim designs envisaged. Genesys developed all the electronics and embedded software to support the features described above. A key safety feature is that power plugs remain inactive until the system detects the plug's blades are correctly inserted, delivering a key value proposition around child safety.

Other system elements include power monitoring, power-on reset and brownout detection, four reduced-power sleep modes, and timers for preprogrammed sequences initiated via the App.


iKEON wanted the system be compatible with the Apple ecosystem so their customers could integrate the iKEON devices into their smart home network. Genesys worked through Apple's HomeKit Certification Process to ensure the products would work seamlessly within the Apple ecosystem and with Siri voice commands. As a result, a simple voice command can execute any preprogrammed scene, from turning on the kettle or turning off a ceiling fan. For example, in the evening a user can simply say "Hello Siri, Good Night" to turn off all the lights in the house.

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