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Having clean air in the areas you work and live is considered essential but the reality is that in many environments the air quality is not good. From sick building syndrome to the more recent threat of pandemics, clean air has become an issue for many organisations and individuals. While air purifiers have been around for a long time, their performance and reliability can be problematic. In particular they are not able to capture pathogens in mid-air without needing to pass the air through the devices, which is particularly relevant since Covid 19.

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The Tasman takes a completely new approach to air purification and sanitation. The heart of the innovation is the incorporation of a natural active gel made from a specially formulated blend of Australian essential oils. The microscopic vapours from the gel are expelled and suspended in the surrounding air. As the vapours circulate in the room, they capture and eliminate (by suffocation) harmful air particles that can carry mould, viruses, bacteria and allergens. 

The system also incorporates a medical grade HEPA filter and smart sensors for detecting small particles. Air quality is indicated by a coloured light ring on the device and on a mobile App. VBreathe commissioned independent testing that showed concentration of particles as small as 1 micron were reduced by 97% within 60 minutes. 

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Genesys designed and developed the Printed Circuit Assembly that operates the Tasman. The system includes fans, a battery, sensors and a user interface with LED indicators and a tactile button. The operation of the device needed to be as quiet and energy efficient as possible. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity are used for egressing the sensor data and for controlling the device remotely. 

Genesys developed a companion app that allowed users to configure and update the device. The app allows users to view sensor values and monitor overall air quality.

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