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Drone lookout module





Delivery of medicines by drone requires sophisticated electronics to enable autonomous operation in remote areas. Swoop Aero has developed a sophisticated end-to-end drone logistics platform serving over 4.5 million people across six continents. For example, it has delivered vaccines in Vanuatu, provided disaster relieve in Malawi, and transported blood samples in Mozambique to help fight a tuberculosis epidemic.  

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Swoop Aero's platform consists of the Kite drone, an autonomous docking station and charging port, a software suite including a remote pilot station, and an operations management system, including flight planner. The Kite is a modular system for adapting to different use cases with a range of 175km and a 3kg payload. Use cases include transport, disaster and area mapping, coastal patrol, wildlife monitoring, and search & rescue. It can operate across challenging environmental conditions including heavy rain. 

Genesys developed the Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) for one of the key modules, known as the Lookout Pod. This PCA provides processing and powering facilities to interface between Swoop’s drone Payload Interface module, and two gimbal-mounted high-definition video cameras. The PCA routing had to support high speed signals on the PCA, requiring careful layout consideration including materials selection.

The PCA was designed to integrate a Jetson Nano for support of machine vision AI algorithms.

The PCA also had to fit in a very constrained space, requiring close collaboration with Swoop Aero in the development process.

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