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  • Tim Kannegieter

Ultrafine movement detection with mmWave radar

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

At Genesys we aim to keep our active MedTech community abreast of the latest technologies that have broad application.

Today we hosted a visit by a Taiwanese company called AV Design Solution, which has developed a sensing technology for monitoring very fine movements, such as breathing and heartbeats, down to 0.1mm

The technology is based on millimetre wave radar that works with the same accuracy regardless of distance-to-target. It can detect different surface textures, enabling the classification and distinguishing of targets.

A key health application for the technology is likely to be in aged care, including panic detection, sleep apnea conditions, abnormal heart rate detection and abnormal positions. Radar can also be used for determining spatial location and velocity within the arc of the beam, enabling the tracking of movement within a room. The system is also capable of tracking multiple people at the same time.

The technology applies to a whole range of other applications. For example, the company is working with automotive companies to help detect children unsafely placed on the front seat of a car.

The board is low power (for radar), with options for altering the scan rate, making it suitable for developing Internet of Things systems in the right system configuration. The system operates at 77 GHz, which is the same as the new 5G mobile network. This bandwidth makes the device more compact, with higher sensitivity and better resolution than lower-frequency systems.

Like many new sensing technologies, the applications are limited only by our imagination. If you have an application for this technology, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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