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The big three trends in IoT today

Genesys is proud to participate in this year's IoT Impact conference and exhibition on the Internet of Things (IoT), which will be held at UTS in Sydney on June 13. We will show our new wireless sensing platform, which is lowering the barrier to entry for those who want to develop their own custom sensing devices for use cases like asset tracking, environmental monitoring, or medical wearables. In addition, Genesys Co-CEO George Bou-Rizk will be a panel member on the conference's IoT security landscape plenary session.

Sustainability, productivity and trust are key themes being discussed at the conference. These topics correspond to the three main programs and workstreams of the IoT Alliance Australia. Genesys asked IoTAA Chair Judy Anderson, who is giving the conference welcome address, about the importance of these topics for those involved in the IoT industry. 

"Sustainability is the new frontier for IoT, driven by the growing need for real data to inform business and government actions to address the environmental crisis that envelopes us," Judy said. "Most company actions are based on qualitative data derived from models. They are not based on quantitative data from the real world. We desperately need more IoT devices out there collecting information in every sphere of sustainability."

"Australia is lagging the world regarding environmental sensing," she said. "Places like Europe and some US states like California are way in front in requiring mandatory reporting on everything from greenhouse emissions to biodiversity. 

"In many of these places, you can look up a particular smoke stack and watch emissions in real-time. There is complete transparency, and this underpins trust in carbon trading schemes and other programs designed to foster sustainable economic growth."

In addition, many key trading partners and large corporations increasingly demand that companies prove their products meet specific environmental standards, particularly around carbon emissions. This means that the environmental footprint of every company and every process up the supply chain needs to be quantified.

It's not just sustainability that suffers from a lack of real data. The Productivity Commission of Australia has highlighted an urgent need for greater digitalisation of all industries. The Commission has called for the use of IoT devices to feed digital twin technology as a way of analysing and improving productivity and demonstrating compliance with environmental regulations. 

The conference will showcase the infrastructure industry as an example of how IoT helps lift productivity while also driving towards net zero, proving rather than estimating emission reductions. 

Proof of emissions is important because leveraging the power of IoT requires that all participants trust the technology they use and the data it produces, particularly the public, Judy said. 

Judy Anderson

"Trust in technology is at an all-time low, driven by repeated privacy breaches. IoT devices are a well-known point of vulnerability, and the industry needs to assure users and the public of IoT device's safety to continue expanding IoT adoption.

"Governments and large organisations are starting to mandate cybersecurity standards, which will be discussed at IoT Impact."

She said that Australia is well positioned to capitalise on the next wave of IoT technology, but more is needed to ensure that we go beyond policies and see action on the ground in driving IoT penetration into every industry. 

"A key issue is the need for more people with the practical skills to implement IoT-based monitoring systems. There is still a significant skills gap, so we need to work on increasing the supply of skilled workers in the industry," she said.

The Genesys Environmental Sensing Platform is ideally suited for sensors needed in sustainability, and our Asset Tracking Platform, which can also monitor assets, supports productivity improvement. Both platforms leverage the same core technology that meets all cybersecurity standards. 

Addressing the complexity around sustainability, productivity, and trust requires the ability to easily develop new IoT solutions in ever more specific applications. These applications often require a unique combination of features to address a particular requirement. The Genesys Sensing Platform is ideally suited for mixing and matching sensor and communication technologies and rapidly delivering new solutions.

Please visit us at stand 17 in the IoT Impact exhibition hall to learn more.


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