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  • Tim Kannegieter

Genesys to join ARC hub on wearable health sensors

Genesys is pleased to announce it will be joining a new ARC Research Hub on Sensors for Connected Health. This wearable hub is one of 16 new ARC Hubs announced today by the Australian Government.

The goal of the hub is to develop a more cohesive ecosystem for locally developing wearable sensors. The scope of the hub will include developing low cost physical and biochemical sensors, high capacity and long endurance power sources, advanced biosignal processing, health data analytics, and data security.

As a leading contract developer of "active" medical devices, those that have electronics and software, Genesys is well positioned to be a key player in the emerging wearable MedTech ecosystem. We have core skills in electronics design, software development, with deep expertise across the full range of Internet of Things Technologies. In recent years, our company has been increasingly focused on MedTech, with over 50% of the business now focused on the sector.

As new technologies emerge in this research hub, they need to be commercially applied under an ISO 13485 quality management regime. Genesys has developed a range of compliant hardware and software modules that can accelerate the commercialisation process. Genesys will be working with researchers and other hub participants to develop an optimised pathway to compliance, including a rapid prototyping platform.

We look forward to the initiation phases of the hub and collaborating with the partners. For more information, contact us.

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