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  • Tim Kannegieter

Emergency development of ventilators to combat Covid-19

Genesys will host web meeting tomorrow on the emergency development of ventilators to combat the effects of Covid-19 on critically ill patients. The meeting is an event of the NSW Active MedTech Community in conjunction with Venture Café.

A critical challenge arising from the Covid-19 pandemic has been the shortage of ventilators to meet the medical demand at the peak of the crisis. Governments and leading manufacturers of ventilators around the world have been scrambling to ramp up production and exploring alternatives.

As an ISO 13485 certified developer of medical devices, Genesys has offered its services to the NSW government. Over the past few weeks, we have investigated the options and requirements being issued by governments.

By coincidence, the inventor of one of the first-ever ventilators in Australia, the Cambel Ventilator, is a client of Genesys, having previously worked with Dr Duncan Campbel in the development of a Cardio Output Monitor.

Genesys has worked with Dr Campbell to develop a new ventilation support device that complements the fully-featured anaesthetising ventilators and can support less critically ill patients. Key considerations are the control of pressure during inspiration and expiration, with adjustment and measurement of the critical parameters with associated alarms.

We have completed a design for the electronics controller and software and are working with partners on the mechanical component. We undertook this initiative just in case it is needed, but also as a focus for this week’s MedTech Hypothetical session of the NSW Active MedTech community.

While the design relatively simple and targeted at rapid production, developing a new ventilator from scratch at this time comes with many challenges relating to component availability, acceleration of regulatory approvals and the timeframe.

Join us online this coming Thursday 2 April at 4pm to join the conversation on emergency development of ventilators. Register your participation on the Venture Café website.

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