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Free product development workshop

Genesys Electronics Design is proud to deliver, in conjunction with the NSW Smart Sensing Network and MTP Connect, a two-hour workshop on the fundamentals of Product Development, with insights from a professional designer of smart devices.

The workshop provides an introduction to all the major design and development tasks required to take a concept through to a commercially scalable product, ready for market launch. Starting with design inputs and addressing other key factors such as regulatory requirements, the workshop is designed to be an interactive, step-by-step guide that enables participants to plan out their own product development project.

The intended audience is anyone who is at the early stages of developing a device that incorporates electronics. This can include start-ups, engineers at original equipment manufacturers, researchers or anyone looking to understand the process better.

The event is primarily aimed at product concepts that have a high requirement for reliability, such as those found in regulated industry sectors including aerospace, automotive and more. Some specific examples of regulatory requirements in the medical sector will be included.

The initial A-Z presentation will transition to an interactive panel session from experts in the field, followed by a networking lunch.

The NSW Smart Sensing Network is a not-for-profit innovation network focused on translating world-class research into innovative smart sensing solutions that address critical challenges across a range of industries important to the economy and people of NSW.

MTP Connect is a growth centre for the medical technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sectors, offering a wide range of government funded programs aimed at forging strong connections between research and industry.

Register now to book your place at the workshop.


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