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  • Tim Kannegieter

Ten reasons for investing in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is opening new opportunities for cost effectively monitoring and controlling devices in the field, remotely. You can read more about that the Internet of Things is all about at the Engineers Australia Applied IoT Engineering Community which we sponsor.

We have put together ten reasons for paying attention to the Internet of Things.

1) Protect your investment:

So, you’ve just splashed out a lot of money developing and implementing a flash new IoT system. If your devices aren’t working, that’s essentially money wasted. By monitoring your IoT environment you can ensure the devices are connected and operational.

2) Maintain data integrity:

If you’ve implemented an IoT system for environmental monitoring, you’ll want to ensure the integrity and consistency of data collected. If a device goes offline the usefulness of the data is drastically reduced, or may be completely unusable.

3) Deepen customer loyalty:

Whether servicing internal or external customers, monitoring your IoT environment will ensure you’re on top of any faults – minimising or eliminating any impact to users.

4) Improve safety and security:

Get informed immediately if a mission critical or security device goes offline, enabling you to quickly identify any criminal or unscrupulous activities.

5) Enable preventative maintenance:

An IoT monitoring system provides visibility and statistics around device failures. This data can be used to analyse trends and get to the root cause, enabling device or system maintenance to prevent future failures.

6) Keep track of devices:

With large IoT deployments it’s easy to loose track of your deployed devices. Luckily if you’re using a monitoring system your devices will be registered so you know exactly what’s out in the field.

7) Make the case for upgrades:

Monitoring your IoT environment will empower you with the data you need to highlight any issues with your deployed devices, helping you make the case for a system upgrade or device replacement where required.

8) Save time and resources:

Eliminate time spent searching for the problems in your IoT environment – your monitoring data will immediately pinpoint the problem so it can be fixed quickly and efficiently.

9) Stay informed from anywhere

With an IoT monitoring system you don’t need to be where your devices are to know they are working. You can view their status from anywhere, allowing you to monitor your systems wherever you go, and wherever they happen to be.

10) Gain peace of mind:

Rest easy knowing your devices are working as they should, and that you’ll be informed straight away if there’s a failure.

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