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  • Tim Kannegieter

Fostering the next generation

Genesys regularly hires electrical, mechatronics and software engineering students to facilitate their growth and development through exposure in a professional environment. Over the past 20 months, Genesys has employed Michael Crapis, a current 4th-year electrical engineering student at UTS. Michael approached Genesys, looking for a 6-month full-time internship as part of his degree. Michael said:

“I remember searching the internet for local electronics engineering companies, and it was clear Genesys’ culture and nature of work was the perfect fit for me.”

During the first six months of his internship, Michael was given a large variety of tasks to complete, ranging from prototype soldering and assembly, to electronics design and research and development.

“When I contacted Genesys, I had only one year of university studies under my belt and I felt intimidated going into the industry so early. After starting work at Genesys, the staff gave me endless support both in the workplace and with my university studies, giving me significant confidence in my abilities and offering an enjoyable experience.”

Following his internship, Michael continued to work at Genesys part-time while he progressed with his studies.

Recently, Michael had a major design project as part of his university course, requiring him to design and produce a simple data logger, including PCB and firmware development. Michael went the extra mile and proposed a stereo audio recorder with playback and user interface.

To significantly speed up development, Genesys hardware and software (GeLs) libraries were used, allowing him to focus on the application and design, as well as increase the number of features on the device. Michael said:

“Overall, the project was a success, and I achieved so much more than thought I could have before I started the project. The tools available at Genesys allowed me to assemble and debug my design with ease, and the GeLs modules made it a seamless experience to implement device features. This project was a challenge, but it was also fun and really rewarding. Before I started university, I thought it was a dream to be able to create anything your mind could come up with. Now, it is possible, and it is so much easier than I expected.

It brings Genesys great pride to help foster the professional development of young engineers and we continue to encourage young university and high-school students to pursue electronics engineering.

Michael's data logger

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