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What we do

What we do

We sort through the protocol hype to select the right tools for the job


Bringing processing power to embedded devices and egde computing


Control your devices, and visualise your data in any way on any device

Prototyping and Production

Building the foundations for data collection and analytics

Our Quality Guarantee

Stable, secure, commercially ready and absolutely reliable

Genesys has invested heavily in developing the most robust electronics software development environment in Australia. This environment is underpinned by a combination of modular design philosophy, proven libraries of software and integrated hardware modules, and medical grade quality systems.  We call it the Genesys IoT GENome.

This quality driven approach delivers:

  • Stability of the application

  • Seamless and robust connection

  • Scalability

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Secure data

  • Rapid proof-of-concept

  • Reduced development cost

We are so confident of our development environment, that we offer a One Pass to Production guarantee that your first-pass electronics hardware will be fully functional. 

Our quality guarantee


We sort through the protocol hype to select the right systems for the job

There is a huge range of communication options available to connect devices to the internet - from 5G and NB-IoT to the latest LPWAN and nanosatellite backhauls. Many of these protocols are being marketed by various organisations to become the new defacto standard, making it difficult to discern the real value. Genesys provides independent advice on the right technology for your application.

Our communications technologies cover: 

Personal Area Networks
Mobile - person PNG.png

Connecting your device directly to an individual's mobile phone or tablet.

Computer - connection PNG.png
Local Area Gateways

Aggregating and delivering data from multiple sensors / actuators

Wide Area Networks

Integrating remote devices via the internet and cloud


Embedded and edge computing

Bringing processing power to the core and edge of your system

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is delivering unparalleled processing power to embedded devices and at the edge of networks. Embedded electronics in products are enabling a new generation of smart devices. Genesys is at the forefront of the software engineering needed to deliver on the promise of the IoT. 

We deliver algorithms and applications for: 

  • Microcontrollers

  • Embedded operating systems

This firmware is deployed on sensors and gateways. We also develop algorithms for DSP or VHDL designs, integrating third party cores or new logic designs. 

For more information view our portfolio of Embedded and Edge Processing Technologies.

Embedded and Edge

Mobile Apps and web

Visualise your data in any way on any device.

User interfaces we cover include:

  • Mobile apps: We develop industrial strength apps for companies that require absolute reliability in their apps to support business operations. We develop native apps for Apple IoS and Android platforms.

  • Embedded web servers: We can deliver data to a web browser straight from the devices using embedded web services, including over Wi-Fi via our embbeded web server technology.

  • Web consoles: We have a robust platform for cloud-based web consoles that display data from your things, and lets you control them.

For more information view our: 

Template Mobile App or our range of Data Visualisation Technologies

Web console.PNG

Genesys has developed a suite of technologies for data visualisation, delivering aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust user interfaces. Robust interfaces start with the development of data models and business logic, directing the flow of data using software engineering principles. This approach ensures the seamless flow of data from sensors to the cloud and to a user interface; and from the user interface for control.

A screenshot of our IoT device management platform, Web Console

Mobile apps and web
Image by John Schnobrich

Cloud platforms

Building the foundations for data gathering and analytics

Many internet-connected devices choose to store and process data in the cloud. Genesys has developed a suite of technologies to host data that your advanced systems can easily access. We leverage leading third-party technologies around the world in delivering an integrated cloud platform. 

Key features in our platform include: 

  • Virtual server development

  • Data gathering and storage

  • Device deployment and management

  • Device health monitoring

For more information view our portfolio of Cloud Technologies.

Cloud platforms
Not sure how all the layers and systems fit together? 
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