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Delivering Powerful Smart Devices

Most systems with smart devices aim to deploy as much processing power embedded in the sensing/control devices themselves, and at the “edge” of the system, on gateways. Edge processing gives the device more autonomy to act quickly, and only relevant data is communicated back via the cloud.  Genesys makes edge devices to communicate with embedded devices, using our core technologies in conjunction with communication, data visualisation and cloud technologies. 

Sensing solutions for environmental, tracking, energy, occupancy, processing and medical

Working with a wide range of output devices for control and user interfaces

From microprocessors and  operating systems, to field programmable devices

We cover all power sources and the ancillary management functions

COTS or bespoke designs catering for all environments and I/O requirements



Genesys has modules incorporating sensing across a wide range of applications.

Sensing solutions encompass:

  • Environmental factors: Temperature, humidity, light, sound, dust/smoke, barometric pressure, fire, gases

  • Tracking, movement and positioning: Gyroscopes, accelerometers, GPS, proximity, obstruction, presence, force 

  • Energy: Mains voltage, current and power sensing and measurement, inductance,

  • Process: Magnetic, Inductance, force, load, airflow, ultrasonic, 

  • Medical: Physiological waveforms, body temperature, body movement, EEG, ECG, SPO2


All of our sensors come in a range of configurations including general purpose or optically isolated inputs and outputs, A/D inputs, and a range of commonly used sensor networks and protocols; mains or battery powered.

Sensor - blue car.jpg



Genesys has modules incorporating actuation across a wide range of applications.

Actuation modules cover the following generic cases:

  • GPIO

  • D/A

  • Relay switching

  • Contactor

  • Optical isolators

  • Motor and solenoid controllers

  • Medical stimulation devices


These modules come with a variety of configuration options, including digital and analog output options, electromechancial or solid state technologies, and DC/AC motor control options.



Most edge devices undertake a certain amount of data processing on the circuit board, including the implementation of basic control algorithms. Genesys supports a wide range of microprocessors but usually adopts one or more of the following:

  • STM32 family Cortex M0 or M4

  • MSP430

  • TI Sitara A15/TMS320

  • AM335x A8


  • LPC1778 M3


Common functions on embedded and edge devices include:

  • C on bare-metal for cost and energy-sensitive applications

  • Real-time operating systems (RTOS-P) with support for embedded C

  • Embedded Linux for web-serving and advanced user interfaces

  • Embedded PCs


Supporting the microprocessors are several key elements common to most IoT devices that Genesys supplies on its products, including:

  • Battery-backed real-time clock

  • Time synchronisation

  • Data logging options (Serial Flash, SD Card, Solid State Drive)

Genesys develops algorithms including on:

  • MCU cores

  • DSP cores

  • FPGAs

PCB abstract.jpg

We specialise in converting Arduino and Raspberry Pi prototypes into commercially scalable solutions.



Battery abstract.jpg

All devices Genesys develop can be powered by a range of options, including: 

  • Lead Acid

  • Alkaline or Lithium Primary

  • Lithium Polymer (LiPo)

  • Lithium Iron Phospate

  • Solar Panel

  • Power over Ethernet

  • Fuel Cell

  • Mains-derived


For each of these options we have a range of ancillary modules including:

  • Battery Pack Controller

  • Battery Fuel Gauge

  • Battery Charger

  • Contactless Qi charging

  • USB2 and USB3 charger


Housing and I/O connectors

Genesys has a range of device housing options:

  • Bespoke casings: Some products have form and usability requirements arising from the needs of human interaction, functional/mechanical requirements, or demanding branding goals. For these products, Genesys works with its industrial design partners to develop a bespoke casing design.

  • Genesys white-label designs: Choose from a number of sleek environmentally robust enclosures suited to each product in our white label product range. These can be skinned to your branding and adapted to suit any modifications made for your product.

  • Commercial-off-the-shelf: For devices hidden from view, it may be more cost effective to purchase COTS enclosures. Genesys advises the most suitable option.


We adapt these house options for various contexts including:

  • Aesthetic user-facing

  • Outdoor exposure

  • Hazardous atmospheres

  • Wearable devices

  • Handheld/Portable

Want to better understand the options for the various parts of your device?
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