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  • Tim Kannegieter

Genesys launches Wireless Wearable Sensor Platform

Genesys is pleased to announce the launch of a powerful and flexible platform for the development of Wireless Wearable Sensor (WWS) devices. The platform is designed to accelerate the product development process and lower costs, as well as delivering Proof of Concepts with a pathway to full commercialisation.

The platform consists of a small, battery-powered module for logging sensor data and wirelessly egressing it to a companion mobile App. The key concept of the platform is embodied by two PCBA boards – consisting of a base board with all the core enabling functions and common sensors pre-developed and ready to go, with a plug-on board that houses any extra sensors or hardware required for the custom application.

The base board includes an accelerometer, memory and battery, along with all the middleware applications for managing communications, connecting sensors, data logging, battery monitoring and more. A fully integrated companion mobile App displays data in out of the box tabular and graphical display widgets and allow for parameter configuration on the device and over the air firmware updates.

While our marketing illustrates the wearables use-case for the core platform, the enclosure can easily be adapted to fix the device to other objects. This opens up the platforms utility to any application requiring sensing and egress of data to an App or to the Cloud.

In addition to all consumer, commercial and industrial applications, the platform is also suitable for medical devices and other high reliability applications. The base board has been developed under the design controls required for compliance with the ISO 13485 medical device quality management standard and the IEC 62304 medical software lifecycle standard.

All this “under the hood” work pre-completed by Genesys allows the developers to focus on the custom devices application-specific features including algorithms and custom sensors that can be integrated via a plugin board.

See our WWS webpage for more information on industrial application and the Medical WWS page for further information on medical applications and compliance.

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