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Product Design and Development
Proof of Concept through to Production

What We Do

Product Design ∞ Electronics ∞ Software ∞ Mechanical

For product developers that need absolute reliability in their products, with a well managed, cost-controlled pathway to commercialisation, Genesys is a specialist developer of products with electronics and software, complete with mobile apps, backend systems and aesthetic human-centered enclosures.
With 20 specialist engineers delivering the full stack of capability and backed up by 30 years of experience and ISO 13485 quality assurance systems, Genesys is your preferred partner. 


Typical Projects

We have conducted over 200 projects developing high reliability devices. Below are some typical projects. 

Radiation Dosimeter

Enhancing the accuracy and precision of radiation therapy, preventing acute skin and tissue damage. 

Chamberlain Square (1).png

Smart operator for roller shutters

Designed for increasingly sophisticated building ecosystems, with smart electronics to manage system behaviours.

Air purifier and sanitiser

Taking a  novel and environmentally friendly approach by distributing an active natural gel that encapsulates and suffocates pathogens. 

Our Wireless Sensor Platform

Over 30 years of operation, Genesys has developed a range of technologies you can leverage. The Wireless Sensor Platform illustrated below is just one use case where the Genesys value proposition comes together for rapid proof of concepts and MVPs for wearables, asset tracking and more.

WWS Exploded - 5.png
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