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for high reliability devices

What We Do

We grow your market by developing smart products that change the landscape of your industry and position your company as the leader.

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Our Projects

Delivering high-reliability electronics design for over 30 years


Our Guarantee

We are the only electronics design house in Australia to guarantee the right design at first pass, or we make good at our own expense. This underpins the three key reasons you should choose Genesys.

We are the most technically competent, PERIOD.

Anyone can claim to know a wide scope of technologies but competence comes from robust systems and being diligent with the small things. See our quality systems to be convinced.

We guarantee to get it right the first time.

With our First Pass to Production guarantee we get it right the first time or make good any changes at our own expense.

We succeed where others fail to deliver.

A quarter of our business comes from customers who have tried other engineering firms and chose to change to us. 


Our Customers


Our customers range from established businesses to startups to consultancy firms. We aim to de-risk your projects by identifying and addressing the risks faced by different stakeholders in any product development project. 


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