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Genesys IoT GENome

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Our IoT Approach

Genesys has established a world-class environment for developing cost-effective, robust and reliable smart devices using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. We call it the Genesys IoT GENome. This environment delivers:

  • Rapid prototyping and proof-of-concept

  • Reduced development costs

  • Increased reliability


The GENome consists of five key capabilities:

The Genome is underpinned by Genesys' quality systems, including our rigorous systems engineering approach

IoT Systems Integration

Connecting sensors and actuators into wider systems – visualizing, analysing and acting on data.


Production-ready modules that integrate with standard system architectures


All the key IoT communications protocols, standards, platforms

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Configuring our proven modules to meet your application specific requirements

Stack to Future-proof Your Product

Stacking is an effective method for managing predictable changes such as:

  • Technology changes: e.g. evolving
    communication protocols such as 5G, NB-IoT and more.

  • Functional changes: Targeting new market segments with differing functional needs. 

  • Regional adaption: Exporting globally to countries which have differing standards and regulations. 

Modular stack.PNG

The Genesys Modular Stack of commonly-required hardware functions makes it easy to swap out elements you think will change, without having to redesign the core product. The stack consists of a baseboard, typically with input/output connections and core processing capability, and any number of smaller boards mounted on top, joined by sturdy 40-pin connectors. The stacked boards are selected from a wide range of modules to meet the requirements of your specific application. 

Modular Stack

Modular Software That Simply Works

As part of a multi-year effort to deliver on the Internet of Things promise, Genesys has developed a modular library of software delivering all the core functions of virtually any internet-connected device. These software library modules have been subjected to verification and validation processes to ensure they are absolutely reliable and bug free. The interfaces between our modules are ‘well-conceived’ so, when we configure them together for your device, the software works with absolute reliability.

Key elements of the Genesys Modular Software Library include:

Embedded Firmware

Web Services

  • Input/output drivers
    for a wide range of commonly used microprocessors including clock control, timer control, watchdog control, GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART, Analogue-Digital Convertor (ADC), Digital-Analog Converter (DAC), and Real-time Clock (RTC).

  • Output widgets
    for visually displaying data on a screen, including tabular displays, graphs/charts, data logs, files.

  • Peripheral middleware for interfacing with peripheral integrated circuits on the device, including sensors, actuators and memory devices including SD cards, USB drives and solid state drives.

  • Management middleware
    for communication protocols and connection management, date and time management, reprogramming facilities, parameter management, file management, error handling, run-time monitoring, power and battery management and user interfaces.

  • Dashboards
    and display pages for data display and devise control. Pre-configured visualisation tools inclusing tabular display, graphs, dials, gauges and text boxes can be used to compile flexible dashboards for end users and technicians.

modular software cropped.jpg
  • Input widgets
    for inputting data including configurable device parameters. Widgets including radio buttons, sliders/dials, drop-down lists and text boxes.

  • Template projects which provide a complete pre-configured suite of platform facilities, and require only application-specific user code to create a fully functional IoT software suite

  • Management pages
    for platform and user management, including EMAIL and SMS notification setup, user registration and access authorisation, communications setup and continual connected device health monitoring.

Software Library

Our White Labelling Process

With our library of hardware and software modules delivering core functionality, Genesys has already developed most of your product requirements. We just need to write a small amount of code specific to your application, to deliver a commercially-ready product. 


Leveraging our enclosure design services a distinctive look is created, branded to your specifications. We then agree on a suitable license arrangement for our pre-existing hardware and software modules. 

White label process.PNG
White Labelling Process
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