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A Track Record of Reliable Delivery

Experience counts for everything. Over the past 30 years, Genesys has delivered solutions to hundreds of clients in the industrial, commercial, consumer and medical spaces. 

Case studies

TruScreen offers the latest technology in cervical screening, providing real-time, accurate detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous cervical cells to help improve the health and wellbeing of women around the world.

Cervical Cancer Screening
truscreen pic.jpg

Hand Trauma



By delivering controlled movement to each finger in a patient's hand Exoflex provides a new option for hand rehabilitation. The device measures speed, force and range of movement and with internet connectivity, allows therapists to program customised therapeutic routines.

CT Injection System


The Salient CT Injector injects contrast materials such as radio-opaque dye for patients undergoing CT scans. It is cordless, compact and mobile with a user friendly touch screen interface.


Commercial roller doors are big, powerful machines and need to be carefully managed to ensure safety. The Grifco eDrive +2.0 includes an intelligent logic board for configuring multiple door settings, monitoring three-phase current, wireless links and management of IR beams and mechanical bump switches.

Chamberlain logo.PNG

Powerful industrial roller doors

eDrive image PNG.PNG

In the competitive world of smart home automation, this product had to stand out. Leveraging the Apple HomeKit platform, this solution has virtually every smart feature conceivable, from voice control and geo-location automation to built-in proximity sensors and event schedules.


Smart home automation


Safety on construction sites is getting smarter with a new range of safety products. Adding vision, motion and proximity sensing to conventional safety equipment provided a competitive edge for this company. 

Detecting Unsafe


Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets

Using a Blutooth beacon on an ultra- miniaturised PCB built into one arm, these sunglasses will alert you via mobile if you leave them behind and map where you last had them. To recharge the battery, the arm of the glasses is plugged into a separate charging device.

Unloseable sunglasses


Delivering clarity and reducing stress for bidders was the motivation behind this electronic sign that displays the current bid and bidder number, operated via a simple iPhone app. 


Accurately measuring cardiac output, that is the volumetric rate at which blood is expelled from the left ventricle of the heart, this device can enable anaesthetists, surgeons and cardiologists to quickly diagnose and manage cardiac problems.

powerbid logo.PNG

Cardiac Output Monitor

Smart Auction Display

Other Projects
Find out if we have done something similar to your device.

Other Projects

Following is a list of other projects we have undertaken:

  • HVAC soft starter

  • Smart energy meter

  • Cellular data modem

  • Emergency door opening system

  • Smart Helmet - vital signs monitoring 

  • Driver training speed display

  • Lighting control system

  • Roadside emergency alert system

  • Power supply module

  • Wireless irrigation control system

  • Reverse osmosis membrane monitor

  • Wireless I/O connectivity systems

  • Equipment tracking system

  • Cosmetic camouflaging

  • Smart door locks

  • Commercial bin monitoring

  • HVAC Energy Optimisation

  • Animal health monitoring 

  • Conveyor chute lining

  • Electronic whistle

  • USB wireless microphone

  • Vehicle dynamics data logger

  • Meshed network communication gateway

  • Vehicle access control and alarm system

  • Caravan leveling system

  • Office chair monitoring system

  • Surgical navigation system

  • In-vitro therapy system

  • Desk-top air purification

  • Medical water sterilisation device

  • 3-phase energy meter

  • Waste management control system

  • Data centre energy monitoring

  • Marine autopilot display unit

  • Video camera support system

  • Vehicle tracking system

  • Explosive environment machine networking

  • Chiller control system

  • High-energy cordless power tool

  • Exhaust control system

  • Industrial door controller

  • Fire extinguisher system controller

  • Industrial washing machine optimisation

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