Demystifying the development process for Active Medical Devices

Medical devices involving software or electronics are defined as "active", attracting far more regulatory requirements than inert medical devices. The development landscape is much more complicated and it is challenging for MedTech innovators to understand what's involved in taking their idea from concept to a successful commercial launch.  

The primary purpose of this community is to create educational vehicles and resources for every aspect of the active MedTech development process. To achieve this purpose we will promote collaboration among the wide range of service providers, associations and government institutions.


Initially, the activities of this community will consist of a regular webinar program from leaders in their respective fields, and occasional networking meetings. To be notified of these events join the community.  

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A meeting of the NSW Active MedTech community in Barangaroo NSW


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This community is for:

  • Health professionals, innovators/entrepreneurs and staff of MedTech technology companies

  • Service providers assisting companies develop Active MedTech devices. 

  • Researchers and academics 

  • Government organisations

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The challenge

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The MedTech industry in NSW is characterised by a few large companies such as ResMed and Cochlear, a large number of startups and a thin middle-ground of companies that have gone on to develop multiple products. 


This thin middle ground is particularly acute for companies with devices that involves "smarts" - internet enabled devices that connect to advance cloud-based analytics. There is a perception among the startup community that hardware-based innovation is difficult and many entrepreneurs end up chasing software unicorns.


However, smart devices often have a more sustainable and competitive advantage because they are harder to replicate. Active device development doesn't have to be hard if the innovator is connected into a  network of expert service providers.


However, the community of MedTech service providers in NSW is one of the state's best kept secrets. The community has world-class talent but is somewhat siloed, with service providers having relatively low understanding of each others' capabilities. 

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We want to help grow the the active MedTech middle ground by connecting startups, service providers and the wider MedTech community in NSW with educational and networking opportunities. 


About the sponsors


Genesys Electronics Design is an ISO 13485 accredited designer of active medical devices. The company is the founder and host of this community. View further information on Genesys' active MedTech Design Services.  


Genesys Electronics Design is an ISO 13485 accredited manufacturer of active medical devices. The company provides financial and organisational support to the community, including hosting workshops at it's world class facilities in Bella Vista. 

An educational workshop on  commercialisation imperatives for university researchers, held at Circuitwise's electronics manufacturing facility.

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