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From Concept to Reality

If your product has electronics or software in it, Genesys should be the entry point to your product development journey.  


Enclosure Design

Our world-beating electonics deserves housings of equal utility and robustness, with a professional look and aesthetic appeal.


We perform product 3D modelling with SolidWorks in conjunction with Altium Designer, which allows us to mechanically and aesthetically visualise and validate a product assembly before it is prototyped, and ensure that the electronics fits in the box.


The modelling is complemented by a mechanical workshop with laser cutting/engraving and 3D printer-based fabrication capabilities, delivering fast turn-around custom enclosures.


For complex casings and mechanical assemblies, we engage an industrial design partner, as shown below.

Enclosure Design
Our process

Other value-add services

Beyond product development, Genesys can help you succeed in four other ways:

  • Freedom to Operate: Genesys can assist your patent attorney in identifying potential conflicts of your product with patents held by other companies. This includes technical review of competitor patents to ensure your design does not transgress their claims.

  • Patent applications: Genesys can help develop patentable technologies for you and has been involved in over 30 successful or pending patent applications by clients. We can assist your patent attorney with your patent specification and structuring of patent claims.

  • Grant applications: We provide advice and support in the grant application process to boost your chance of success. This includes provision of technical specifications, project planning, and the establishment of an activity/resource tracking system. 

  • Regulatory compliance: We manage the  regulatory compliance process. Our engineering, risk management and quality processes are fully integrated with our compliance processes to deliver compliant products for any jurisdiction around the world.

Our value add services
Want to understand the product development process better? Contact us for a free consultation.

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