Verification and Testing:

Function & Performance Versus Requirements

Genesys undertakes formal Verification and Validation (VandV) testing of your product’s hardware and software to ensure that all specified functional & performance requirement are satisfied, and that the design conforms to physical, environmental and regulatory compliance requirements.

VandV testing is undertaken in accordance with detailed verification test procedures, under the control of a documented test plan. Test results are recorded in a detailed test report.

Test-driven Development

We don't wait until we have a prototype in hand before we do any testing; our development processes utilise "Test-driven Development" to the greatest extent practical. This means that during firmware/software development, we undertake unit testing, and during hardware development we undertake modeling & simulation. These development practices, along with our rigorous design review processes, build quality into our designs up front.

Facilities and Tools

Genesys has a comprehensive suite of in-house test equipment, including critical items with up-to-date calibration status. We supplement this capability when required by drawing on the resources of local and overseas compliance test laboratories.

Regulatory Compliance

We work with external test labs to undertake pre-compliance and formal compliance testing for Electromagnetic Compatibility, electrical safety, product safety and any other applicable regulatory standards. We can guide and assist you through the regulatory compliance process. Where applicable, we arrange for formal product certification on your behalf.

Verification and Testing: function & performance; physical, environmental and regulatory compliance

Verification and Testing: function & performance; physical, environmental and regulatory compliance.

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