Genesys has demonstrated competence and depth of experience in tailoring electronics and software product designs which are optimised to meet the requirements of a range of domains/sectors.

The main domains/sectors are identified below, with some specific key requirements which often apply to each domain/sector, and which Genesys is able to satisfy.

During development, each project/product is tailored to achieve the right balance between product characteristics, manufacturing cost, engineering cost and development time which is appropriate to that product and its domain/sector.

For examples of products which Genesys has developed, please refer to our projects page.

Consumer Electronics

  • Rapid design cycle from concept to production
  • Low bill-of-materials and manufacturing cost for high volume manufacture
  • Efficient assembly and automated test systems
  • EMC, electrical safety and generic safety standards compliance
  • Intellectual property protection in highly competitive environment
  • Documentation cost-optimised for ongoing manufacturing and product support

Commercial and Industrial

  • Control systems, access control/security, building management, energy management, electronic gaming
  • High levels of reliability in often rugged environmental conditions
  • Manufacturing processes and costs appropriate for volume and market
  • EMC, electrical safety and product-specific functional and safety compliance
  • Hazardous environments: Explosion-proofing/Intrinsic Safety requirements
  • Long product life cycle requiring guaranteed ongoing component availability

Medical and Scientific

  • ISO 13485:2016 certified; fully conversant underlying technical standards
  • High quality, reliability and safety requirements, demonstrated by analysis and design verification
  • In-depth understanding of underlying physical and process principles
  • Stringent regulatory standards compliance with product-specific standards
  • Fully detailed design and product documentation requirements
  • Design process, component selection and record keeping to allow traceability