Production Engineering:

Documentation & Testing For Manufacture 'Anywhere'

Genesys has over two decades of experience in developing electronic products for low to high volume production. We have an intimate understanding of modern SMT assembly processes and use this knowledge to develop products that are optimised to increase production yields and to reduce production costs.

This includes ensuring that designs incorporate facilities to support thorough manufacturer testing, minimise the number of required manufacturing processes, are relatively easy to assemble and test, and are reliably constructed.

As part of our standard development process Genesys prepares comprehensive manufacturing packages that provides everything a manufacturer needs to fully assemble, program and test a working product anywhere in the world. Our production packages are highly structured, easy to navigate and incorporate clear revision tracking.

Several electronics contract manufacturers have commented that our manufacturing documentation packages are "the best they’ve seen" in terms of completeness, accuracy and presentation. This attention to detail ensures that your products will deliver high levels of quality and reliability, whilst being cost-effective to manufacture.

Genesys conducts independent reviews of 3rd party designs and production documentation aimed at identifying production issues and proposing improvements. We correct 3rd party designs and production documentation to optimise manufacturability.

Test Engineering

Genesys engages in a range of activities focused on testing of electronic hardware and software.

Production Engineering: documentation packaging & test jig design for manufacture 'anywhere'

Production Engineering: documentation packaging & test jig design for manufacture 'anywhere'.

Other Genesys Services:

We develop comprehensive test specifications, conduct detailed bench level and functional testing and develop complete production test systems. Testing and test development form an integral part of our development process. We are also often engaged to test and verify 3rd party systems.

Test Jig Development

Genesys has developed numerous automated test systems and jigs to support high volume production for various products. Our test systems range from simple manual functional testers through to fully automated production systems, which incorporate jigs with integrated pneumatic control.