PCB Layout:

Mechanical Architecture, PCB Design & 3D Modeling

Following our thorough review of your product’s circuit schematics, we undertake Printed Circuit Board layout using the latest version of Altium Designer. PCBs may range from simple single boards, through to multi-board stacks with complex mechanical constraints.

We work closely with your mechanical or industrial designers to ensure that the resultant PCB layout fits perfectly into its enclosure. Alternatively, we can assist you in the design or selection of a suitable enclosure, or team up with industrial designers to develop an enclosure design to suit your needs.

Genesys has in-house mechanical design capability and 3D-printer based fabrication capability. This allows the generation of prototype-level mechanical PCBs and custom enclosures, and mechanical assemblies.


We are an Authorised Altium Service Bureau Partner, and use Altium’s 3D modeling facilities to provide continual feedback to the design team to ensure optimum fit. The gallery below shows an illustrative example of the process used and how the mechanical design integrally develops, with the various views and models that are utilised.

Including the enclosure 3D model with these views, we end up with a completely detailed 3D model that serves as a sound pre-fabrication verification of the product's mechanics, that is closely representative of the final product form.


We can develop PCB’s of any size, complexity, density, technology and number of layers, including high speed digital, BGA, RF and mains-voltage layouts. We have developed boards with layer stacks up to 16-layers, blind and buried vias, micro-vias, fine-pitch devices, high density BGA’s and track clearances down to 0.05mm.

We have an extensive library of production-proven PCB component footprints, to maximise production yield and product reliability. We know all of the tricks required to achieve EMC compliance and mains safety compliance on the first pass. On completion, PCB layouts are thoroughly reviewed, and panelised ready for manufacture.

PCB Layout: mechanical architecture, PCB design & 3D modelling

PCB Layout: mechanical architecture, PCB design & 3D modeling.

Other Genesys Services:

  • Sketch
    Conceptual sketch

    A rough concept capturing visuals & form factor, that is mechanically, electrically & electronically feasible.

  • 2D DXF
    2D DXF

    Spawned from a refined 3D mechanical model: 2D CAD outline & mounting drawings of each assembly PCB.

  • 2D PCB
    2D PCB

    Detailed PCB partitioning by subcircuit and/or function, connector & component placement and tracking.

  • 3D PCB
    3D PCB

    A virtual representation of the final bare PCB provides an excellent 'sanity check' of visible PCB-only detail.


  • 3D PCB Subassembly
    3D PCB subassembly

    A virtual PCB subassembly allows preview of PCB component-component & component-board mechanics.

  • 3D Assembly
    3D assembly

    Seamless importing of the PCB sub-assembly into the 3D mechanical model, confirming PCB clearance.

  • Final PCB Subassembly
    Final PCB subassembly

    No surprises: the final real populated PCB subassembly, exactly as it has been conceived and designed.

  • Final Assembly
    Final assembly

    The perfect fit - again, no surprises. "One Pass To Production™" is the Genesys reality.