Manufacturing Management:

Sourcing, Production Management, Liaison & Support

Genesys is able to offer you a "one stop shop" service form initial product conceptualisation, through to ongoing high volume production.

We are very flexible in structuring an arrangement to suit your particular needs, and in particular the structure of the relationships between the various participants in your project.

Whilst we do not undertake high volume electronics circuit board assembly in-house, we can organise and project manage third party contract manufacturers to satisfy all of your electronics manufacturing requirements. This can range from small numbers of prototypes, through to pilot production, batch based production or ongoing series production, for any quantity of product which you require.

Objective & Unbiased Support

We do not have a committed or preferential relationship with any particular contract manufacturer; nor do we accept commissions or payment from any manufacturer. Conversely, we have a demonstrated working relationship with many contract manufacturers in Australia, as well as in Asia. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each, and as we have no conflict of interest, we can objectively advise and assist you with selecting the most appropriate manufacturer to meet your needs.

Component Kitting

As a part of our manufacturing support service, we are able to source complete component kits for your products from cost-effective supply sources, and supply these free-in-aid on your behalf to the contract manufacturer. This is particularly useful during the prototype and pilot manufacturing stages, where time is of the essence and long component lead times cannot be tolerated.

Component Stocking

We have an extensive stock holding of electronic component which we can allocate to your needs, further reducing lead time and cost.

Hand Assembly

Genesys is able to undertake in-house assembly of circuit boards for prototypes, and we can undertake final assembly and test of equipment if required. This capability is generally used during prototype and pilot production stages, and may suit customers with small production volumes, frequent product customisation requirements or stringent Intellectual Property protection constraints.

Manufacturing Management: sourcing, production management & assembler liaison and design support

Manufacturing Management: sourcing, production management & assembler liaison and design support.

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